I’ve been living in a sort-of disconnected state of mind…

I’ve had my blog up and ready to run for at least six months yet all I can do is stare at a blank page. There is so much to write yet I don’t really have the words. Everything is lumped together, my mind is an endless pile of tangled cords.

I’ve started writing dozens of posts, only to delete them before ever finishing one. The thing I want to write about the most, is the thing I cannot even think much about for longer than a few minutes.

It’s not so much the natural deodroant or anything else I may write about, even though it’s all apart of my blog, it’s so much more. At the core of my blog, and the very reason I wanted to blog again, is really not that easy to explain.

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{4 REVIEWS/Australia} Finding a Natural Deodorant!?

If you are looking for a natural, specifically aluminum-free, deodorant and not sure what to use or maybe you’re curious about a product I’ve tried here, then this might interest you.

I love sharing my thoughts on things which sometimes turns into reviews, for fun, of course.

For me, I was curious about the experience of using a natural deodorant and forgoing the aluminum. I love the idea of using more natural products and though my attempt is quite casual, if I can reduce the chemicals I use on or put in my body and replace one product with a more natural one then that is great!

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