‘One Summer Night in 2018’ | Jo-Anne

Written by H. WEND

10th August 2022. Edited 2nd January 2023.

It’s a warm summer night. Nothing but the rattle of a portable air-conditioning unit, seemingly at the end of its short life too, hanging on just for you.

I’ve just finished decorating the house one last time. One last Christmas we will spend together.

It’s 10.24pm. Late. I’ve never been early to sleep, or rise, but now I find it especially hard to close my eyes at night.

I sit at your bedside, observing every breath you take. Tonight you look to be having the most peaceful sleep on earth but I’m scared you will slip away at any moment. And now it has been a while since you’ve woken to speak with me, I wonder if you ever will again. I wonder if this is truly where I lose you.

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“David Kessler and Brené on Grief and Finding Meaning” | Unlocking Us with Brené Brown

Written by H. WEND

27th January 2023

The Podcast

Image Source: ©2023 Brené Brown, LLC

Unlocking Us with Brené Brown is the podcast that drew me into the podcast world. In fact, it was this very episode that I listened to first which means this podcast is special!

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Miss Harvey’s Grief

Image Source: Tengyart via Unsplash.

Written by H. WEND

12th January 2023

Names have been changed in this reflective story.

Miss Harvey was a young teacher, in her early to mid twenties. She had short red hair and freckles. I adored her. She was beautiful, upbeat and goofy. She was my kindergarten teacher.

One day, Miss Harvey came in and she was quiet. Throughout the morning it became more apparent that something was wrong.

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“I Dreamt of You” By H. WEND

Image Source: Ithalu Dominguez via Pexels.

Written by H. WEND

5th January 2023

Today marks 4 years since my mum’s passing, which seems absolutely surreal. Today, I thought I’d share a piece of writing I made recently in thought of her.

I Dreamt of You

by H. WEND

The sky nearing sunset,
We sat on a hill;
Our favourite place.
Lush green grass beneath us,
A bed of sunflowers.
Just us and the world.
As it had always been.
We were watching the sky,
As the sun began to fall;
Soft pink and orange hues,
Purple ink bled through scattered clouds.
I saw the evening light touch your face…
Your skin, your green speckled eyes
Illuminated by the light.
It was as if,
You had never left.
The wind blew a gentle breeze.
I took a deep breath.
Suddenly, I realised the depth
Of missing you.
Desperation filled my lungs,
My heart grew heavy.
“Mum,” I whispered,
“I don’t want this to end.”
The wind grew stronger,
Singing as it swirled around us.
You smiled, took my hand in yours,
And, you said,
“We don’t have much longer,
Stay in this moment with me.”
Then you nodded toward the sunset;
An array of the most beautiful colours
Painted across the sky before us.
And us,
At the edge of night.
Our world;
Slowly fading, slowly fading.
It was painstakingly beautiful,
It was all too familiar,
It was ‘Goodbye.

© H. WEND 2023 Dear Jo-Anne

Goodbye 2022, Hello 2023

30th December 2022

The year is coming to a close and many of us are reflecting on the year we have had and the year that is about to come.

I’m definitely the type of person to take an opportunity to turn a new leaf and set some goals. Though, if anything, I have achieved shameless persistence rather than actually completing any goals but hey, I don’t mind, persistence is also good.

For me, 2022 has been similar to years previous with just a few differences- most of them, I’m very grateful for.

This year I am grateful for all the things I’ve learned and the ways in which I was able to grow. I thought I would share just a few reflections here.

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Bloggers, Here’s My Burning Question! Do You Use Social Media To Interact With Other Blogs/Bloggers? If You Do, Which One/s Do You Prefer?


Unsure blogger 😆

My Spotify Wrapped 2022

27th December 2022

If you listen to music and even podcasts, and you use Spotify to do so, you might know about the little wrap up Spotify puts together for us at the end of the year. It’s like a fun report that contains the statistics on your listening experience throughout the year such as the number of minutes you spent listening to music or who your top artist of year is.

This year, I knew it was coming and I’m not going to lie- I’ve been looking forward to it all year with a lot of unexpected excitement. Did it surprise me? A little. Did I enjoy it? Absolutely!

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Merry Christmas To All, And To All A Good Night | Blogmas 2022

25th December 2022

We are reaching the final hour of Christmas here and I can safely say, I did not mess up Christmas Lunch today.

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Let the Last Minute Preparations Begin! | Blogmas 2022

23rd December 2022

Happy Christmas Eve Eve!

It’s officially (and very early into) the eve of Christmas Eve and I have nothing prepared.

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